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Baldness Drugs And Effect On Male Fertility

August 30th, 2016

Baldness Drugs And Effect On Male Fertility

Baldness Drugs And Effect On Male Fertility

Propecia (finasteride) is a fairly popular drug that is advised by doctors to treat baldness in males; but according to a new study, it may put men’s reproductive health at risk. The manufacturer of Propecia and renowned pharmaceutical company Merck has recently released a press release; according to which males consuming this drug may face sexual dysfunction. However, the effects were believed to be transient that resolves spontaneously upon discontinuation of this drug.

But is it true?

Propecia And Deleterious Effects On Male Fertility

According to a new study, Propecia can make a person impotent permanently (even after discontinuing the use of this drug).

Recently, the story of a 26 year old male has made it to the news. According to the credible reports, this male chose Propecia for the treatment of male pattern baldness but after some time he started noticing the loss of libido. Attributing it as a transient drug-related effect of his baldness treatment, he discontinued the use of drug immediately. Unfortunately, his symptoms didn’t improve much and after some preliminary testing at the local hospital, it was found that this male is now impotent and even testosterone therapy can’t offer much help in his case. Doctors suggested penile transplant as the only option to resolve his complaints.

This man is not alone. After getting numerous such complaints regarding sexual issues experienced by people even after terminating the use of Propecia, Merck has made some changes in the drug label and cautions & warnings. However, the company still claims that Propecia does not affect male reproductive health in isolation and these issues are a product of combination of other factors.

Post Finasteride Syndrome – What Should You Know About It?

Post Finasteride Syndrome is a condition in which physical, mental and sexual side effects due to Propecia are permanent and does not resolve even after discontinuing the use of Propecia. These adverse effects are usually a product of secondary hypogonadism that is caused by Finasteride (the active compound in the Propecia drug). Secondary hypogonadism refers to a state of very little or no male sexual hormones such as testosterone due to secondary causes (such as drugs, health issues etc.)

Quality of Life and Male Infertility imagewww.Propeciahelp.com is a website that offer help to men suffering from sexual side effects of Propecia It was launched after getting numerous reports of sexual issues in men who used this drug. There are over a thousand men on this website who claims to have suffered the Post finasteride syndrome.

Besides causing deleterious complications in adult men, Propecia can also affect the sexual organs of the developing baby and therefore, Merck has warned the expecting mothers or women who are trying to conceive to not use or even hold broken/crushed tablets of Propecia.

Natural Remedies For Impotency

Male baldness is linked to genetics as well but whether genetics is involved or not, either way men loses their hair eventually. Furthermore, Male pattern baldness can also be an indication of insulin resistance. Therefore, if a man is experiencing growing baldness, it is better to treat it naturally instead of opting for anti-baldness drugs. Cutting down carbohydrates and high grain diet (which also includes organic whole grains) as well as engaging in healthy workout regimens can also help a lot in maintaining healthy hair growth.

Whether it’s because of Propecia or any other reason, there are certain natural remedies for impotency which can be given a try.

  • Maca root and Panax ginseng are natural herbs that are used extensively across the globe as libido enhancing tonics for centuries.
  • Erectile dysfunction can be treated with an amino acid, L –arginine which boosts the nitric oxide action and dilates the blood vessels due to which blood flow towards penis increases, thus helping in maintaining erection. L-arginine along with herbs is highly efficacious in treating mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Many studies support this combination.
  • According to another study, L-arginine (6gm) combined with Yohimbine (6mg) can be successfully used as a first line treatment for erectile dysfunction.
  • Similarly Pycnogenol, a bark extract from French maritime pine tree along with L-arginine can also improve the erectile dysfunction without inducing any side effects.

Vitamin B5 and choline supplements can also enhance sexual functions by increasing neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for generating sexual messages in brain.

Besides taking supplements and herbs, maintaining healthy lifestyle is highly beneficial. Getting proper sleep, eating healthy food and avoidance of smoking and heavy drinking improves sexual health. It is imperative to mention that the best resource to discuss your sexual complaints and ailments is your physician. It is highly recommended to discuss with your doctor before initiating any such therapy.


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