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Most men around the globe express the dissatisfaction caused by the small size of their penis. Sometimes their unhappiness reaches a point where they feel incredibly embarrassed of themselves and shy away from seeking sexual partners or engaging in sexual activities.

The condition can pull men’s self-confidence down and keep them from having the lifestyle they want. If you are amongst the many men who are embarrassed about their penis size, then the good news is that there’s help available.

Dr. James Elist, an award-winning urologist and male sexual health expert, comes forward to help people cope with the condition. His groundbreaking surgical techniques and personalized treatment approach make him the trusted expert for penis enlargement solutions.

Dr. James Elist is based out of Los Angeles, but calls on men from all over the country, including Jacksonville. It’s his reputation as the pioneering surgeon who performed penis enlargement procedures by introducing medically-certified penile prosthetic devices, that adds to his credibility.

As such, he has been able to build a vast clientele of Jacksonville penis enlargement candidates, who come all the way to LA to meet Dr. James Elist for a consultation. From treatment for sexual and physical conditions related to the penis to penile cosmetic enhancement, Jacksonville men can find everything they need under the roof at his clinic.

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The use of Penuma® Implant while performing penile enlargement surgery is a particular aspect of Dr. Elist and his team at Beverly Hills. Top urologists and scientists worked together to create this extraordinary silicone-based implant that has the potential to bring excellent results to men with a small penis.

Although the Penuma® Implant is a somewhat recent invention, it has already shown a high success rate on many patients. It has provided several men from Jacksonville the penile cosmetic enhancement they wanted and boosted their self-confidence to a great extent. Here’s what they have experienced after getting a penis enlargement surgery with the Penuma® Implant:

Increase visibility and width of the penis by an average of 1 to 2 inches.

Effective results achieved with minimal invasion.

Enhancement of the penis’ natural appearance.

No interference in penile function or erection.

Boosted sense of masculinity and confidence.

Results may vary depending on the physiology of the patient, but in the majority of cases, they have been incredible. Dr. James Elist adopts a personalized approach to penis enlargement surgery and will discuss the potential benefits, risks, and techniques, including non-surgical ones, in advance so that you get the much-needed peace of mind.

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