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Zinc and Fertility

Zinc and Fertility

Zinc is vital to a man’s sperm. Over years of fertility research, it has been concluded that zinc is the most important mineral for a man’s fertility. Sperm contains up to 5mg of zinc per ejaculation. Conclusively, men who increase their zinc intake show a significant increase in sperm count. Zinc not only improves sperm count, it enhances the quality, form, and function of sperm. Zinc and Fertility are closely related.

The National Institutes of Health and The Office of Dietary Supplements recommended that men intake 11 mg of zinc daily

Low Zinc levels and reproductive tract

-Immature Sperm: Zinc plays a major role in the formation of mature sperm. Without zinc, the tail and outer membrane of a sperm cannot form. In order for sperm to function and be mobile, they have to be in mature form. It is a long way to reach the vagina, so without proper function, it will not reach the female reproductive system and fertilize.

-Chromosome Change: Low levels of zinc can also cause chromosomal changes in sperm. These changes can result in miscarriage, even if the fertilization process is successful.

Why is Zinc Missing?

Although we know zinc is essential to fertility, the majority of humans have very low levels of the mineral. We don’t get the right amount due to poor soil quality and over procession of food. In addition, when we cook and heat our vegetables the amount of zinc reduces 50%. To supplement, it is important to eat foods with high levels.

Improving Your Fertility

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