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The ELIST Implant:

Developed in the early 2000’s and patented in 2002 (click here to see the patents), the ELIST Implant is a surgical device designed by Dr. Elist. The associated surgical procedure, developed by Dr. James Elist, MD, FACS, is a simple, safe and effective solution for any man looking to achieve greater length and girth in their penis. The inert and biocompatible material of the ELIST implant, along with the simple taper design, ensures that patients achieve a noticeable and proportional increase in penile length and girth without sacrificing normal penis function.

James Elist, MD, FACS, is a urologist, surgeon, and inventor from Beverly Hills, CA. Since the early 2000’s, he and his California-based team have been pioneering advancements in surgical genital enhancement with a primary emphasis on helping men achieve a larger penis. With the invention of the subcutaneous soft silicone implant (The Elist Implant), Dr. Elist has become one of the world’s key penis enlargement surgeons. Through intensive research and collaboration between specialties (e.g. urology, plastic surgery, infectious disease specialist, etc.) the ELIST implant procedure has become the safest and most satisfactory enhancement procedure available. With a HIGH satisfaction rate, the ELIST procedure has become the gold standard.

Advantages of the ELIST Implant:

  • HIGH success rate
  • Average of 2 inches of enhancement
  • Surgical Technique Based on Decades of Research and Development
  • US Patented
  • Permanent and Safe
  • Simultaneous Increase in Penis Length and Girth and Width
  • Progressive Growth and Further Improvement Possible

About the ELIST Implant:

Penile Enlargement Implant imageSince its invention, the ELIST subcutaneous soft silicone implant has been perfected through years of clinical trial and redesign. It is constructed from the most advanced medical-grade soft silicone available. This inert material is molded into a solid but pliable two-winged implant with a thicker base and a thinner head in order to contour perfectly to the natural shape of the penis. The ELIST implant provides a simultaneous increase in penile length and girth.

The Elist Implant’s Proven Results:

100% of patients observe increased flaccid length and girth, as well as increased erect penis girth, immediately after Penile Implant Surgery. Final erect penis length can be observed 6-8 months after Penile Implant Surgery, once the skin stretching has allowed the penis to further move out of the pubic area. There is no need to use weights or a stretcher in order to achieve or maintain results after Penile Implant Surgery.


The ELIST Penis Enhancement Procedure

Required Stay:

Many of our patients are visiting us from outside the Southern California area. Our office will make arrangements for reception the day before or the day of the surgery. After the actual procedure, a daily follow up in our office facility is required for a total of three (3) days. Our patients generally return home in the afternoon of the third day after surgery.

Post-Surgery Follow Up:

Our patients are followed 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. Our thorough follow up protocol with weekly picture updates has proven itself to be the best way to ensure the best surgical outcomes.

Post-Surgery Recovery:

On average, patients can walk immediately after the surgery and can begin mild to moderate activity within 3-5 days of the surgery. A full recovery from the ELIST penile enhancement procedure takes 4 to 6 weeks. During this period, patients are not bedridden and do not need to take off of work, unless the job involves excessive physical activity (professional competitive athlete, firefighter, etc.). Patients in active military service are highly recommended to arrange for a leave period of 2-3 weeks to ensure proper recovery (if the patient is in the armed forces and needs to leave the country, they should consider undergoing the surgery after returning from their current mission, allowing for sufficient recovery time).


Penis Implant Image Elist Implant Before After

Who Is The Ideal Candidate for the ELIST Implant for Penile Enhancement Surgery?

While we do not discriminate age, race, sexual orientation, location, origin or a patient’s personal reason for choosing the procedure, there are certain criteria that a patient must meet to be considered a potential candidate. To be considered as a potential candidate patients MUST:

  • Be over 21 years of age
  • Be circumcised (Dr. Elist offers circumcision surgery for candidates interested in penile enlargement)
  • Not be suffering from any serious health conditions (e.g. severe infectious diseases, poorly controlled diabetes or high blood pressure, prolonged and continuous use of blood thinning medication, etc.)
  • If you have history of penile surgery (AlloDerm, dermal grafts, PMMA/silicone injection, and fat injection), please discuss it with our male enhancement consultants


The Elist Implant Complications:

As with any surgical procedure, the ELIST penile enhancement procedure has some potential risks and complications. The design and makeup of the implant itself and the surgical technique, developed by Dr. Elist, have reduced complication rates to a minimum. Experience has shown that complications generally occur if patients are noncompliant with our post-surgery protocol. Overall, the ELIST implant has a strong, multi-year track record for men who are seriously considering penile enhancement surgery. As with any surgical procedure, the decision to have the Elist Penile Enhancement Procedure should be made after thorough research and self-education on the benefits and potential complications.


Pain is a normal element with any surgery involving an incision. Our patients usually report mild to moderate pain for the first few days immediately following the surgery. While the implant has caused no interference with general penis function, some patients have reported initial hypersensitivity (too sensitive) or hyposensitivity (lessened sensitivity).  These fluctuations in sensitivity generally resolve themselves over the recovery period. No permanent loss of sensation has been reported so far. Nocturnal (nightly) erection pain may also occur during the first few weeks after surgery* *Appropriate pain medication is prescribed to manage and lessen any post-operative pain associated with the procedure.


As with any kind of surgical procedure, some swelling and bruising is anticipated immediately following the Elist Penile Enhancement Procedure. Swelling is controlled by mild anti-inflammatory medication and penis elevation post-surgery.


Infection is a very important and serious risk of any kind of surgery, especially those surgeries involving the introduction of an implant. When an implant is introduced into the human body, the body takes all appropriate measures to prevent “biofilm” infections. While mild infections of the skin are very well controlled with antibiotics, appropriate surgical techniques and the right choice of medication before, during, and after surgery is the only way to prevent biofilm infections. In spite of appropriate surgical measures and medications, biofilm infections are sometimes inevitable when it comes to implant surgeries. In case of a biofilm infection, an implant removal is warranted, followed by a recovery period of 4 weeks and implant re-insertion. Through extensive research and implementation of improved surgical techniques and protocols, we have observed a low infection rate on par with other silicone implants.

Implant Breakage

The ELIST subcutaneous soft silicone implant has been designed and developed as a permanent solution for penile enhancement. Superior materials, a double meshing technique, and excellent surgical know-how have further contributed to the implant’s permanency and success. Despite the advanced state of the art materials and protocols, implant breakage can occur as a result of excessive sexual activity and/or abnormal sexual behavior (which could put ANY human penis at risk of fracture, extreme skin abrasion, etc.). 

Implant Protrusion

Patients should not return to normal sexual activity until instructed by Dr. Elist and should aid full skin recovery through the use of condoms and sufficient amounts of lubrication. Excessive skin abrasions, which damage the skin, can potentially expose the fragile areas of the penis to pressure caused by internal swelling and implant protrusion. In cases where the skin is severely damaged with complete implant protrusion and subsequent infection; surgical implant removal may be required, followed by a period of recovery and re-insertion of the implant.

A complete list of risks, complications, benefits, and alternatives, including no surgery, will he discussed with you in detail prior to the procedure.


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