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Dr Elist Research Interests:

Dr Elist Research Interests

James J. Elist MD, F.A.C.S. focuses his research on:

  • Male Sexual Dysfunction
  • Penile Deformities
  • Penile Dysmorphia
  • Scrotal Enhancement
  • Prostate Diseases
  • Male Infertility


Dr Elist Research: Inventions

With his dedication to research and improvement of public health he has invented and patented the following:

Dr Elist Research, USPTO PatentsDr Elist Research :: Patents:


Dr Elist Research Activities & Clinical Studies (Categorized by Disease)

Dr Elist Research :: Erectile Dysfunction:

Dr Elist Research :: Prostate Disease:

Dr Elist Research :: Small Penis Syndrome:

Dr Elist Research :: Impotency:

Dr Elist Research :: Premature Ejaculation:

Dr Elist Research :: Kidney/Ureter/Testicular Diseases:

Why Dr. Elist?

As an advocate and innovator, Dr. Elist’s vision is to provide the best state of the art treatment for his patients. “Well Treated and Happy Patients are the Highest Reward for A Doctor” (James Elist, MD, FACS).
“Only the combination of Evidence Based Medicine and self education, high medical ethics, and well informed patients will guide us to ultimate mental and physical well being; as a patient as well as a physician.” (James J. Elist, MD, FACS)
As a physician, innovator, and mentor, Dr. Elist tirelessly pursues the path of sharing his knowledge and expertise with those who chose to become knowledgeable. “I was thought to teach and share with the future generations.”    (James J. Elist, MD, FACS)
To provide his patients with the best state of the art treatment and improvement of their medical and aesthetic complaints. “No matter what the nature of his complaints, every patient is unique and deserves our full attention.” (James J. Elist, MD, FACS)


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