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Penis Enlargement Before and After Photos with Actual Patients

A series of video testimonials and penis enlargement before and after photos from previous patients of Dr. Elist who underwent Penile Enhancement Surgery. They discuss how their experience went during the procedure, immediately after, and their overall experience with Dr. Elist’s staff.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

before and after photosThere are a couple of options available but the only safe and permanent solution is the Subcutaneous Soft Silicone Implant invented and patented by Dr. James J. Elist, FACS, FICS. Penile Enlargement results are gained in both length and width right after the surgery and complete results will be gained during the next 6 months after the surgery.

  • US Patented (2002)
  • Permanent Results by Penile Enlargement Implant
  • Penile Enlargement Results currently with over 95% Success Rate

Penis Enlargement Before & After Photos:

Penis Enlargement Patients & Testimonials:

Animation Video Simulating the Penis Enlargement Surgery:


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About the Author:

Dr. Elist (James J. Elist, M.D.,F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.), has been in private practice in Beverly Hills, California since 1982 specializing in Urology. Dr Elist ‘s major interests (sub specialties) include impotency, male sexual dysfunction, infertility and Male Enhancement Procedures(Penile Enlargement and Testicular Enlargement).