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Penile Enlargement Cost & Payment Options

Penile Enlargement Cost

The Penile Surgery provides a permanent and progressive solution for men who desire an increased penis size. Penile enlargement cost is determined based on different variables, including the size of the implant. Dr. Elist’s implant used for Penile Implant Surgery is contoured to the individual size of each patient, providing a simultaneous increase in penile length and girth of, on average, 2-2.5 inches.

Payment & Financing Options for Surgeries: (Penile Enlargement Cost)

There are multiple payment options for the penile enlargement procedure. Payment in full must be received in our office before the surgery time. The fee for penile enlargement cost covers the surgeon and surgical assistants, operation room services, anesthesiologist, and any follow-up visits.  The first visit before the surgery is complementary and includes a comprehensive explanation of the surgery and surgical options for the patient.

We also offer discounted fees on hotel fares to our patients.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Cashier and Personal Checks
  • Major Credit Cards (AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa)
  • Financing Options (Listed below)


Financing Options:

Our choices for covering penile enlargement cost are described in detail below:

Financing Options: Care Credit

CareCredit® is specifically designed to finance medical procedures, particularly those not usually covered by insurance. This allows you to have the procedure you need or want now, and pay for it over time. CareCredit® offers two basic types of plans:

CareCredit® Extended Payment Plans

  • You can finance procedures ranging from $1,000 to $25,000
  • Payments can be made over 24, 36, or 48 months
  • 14.90 percent interest rate
  • Payments can be as low as $27 per month on a $1,000 balance

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Apply by Phone: 800-859-9975

Financing Options: Cosmeti Credit

CosmetiCredit is the intelligent choice for financing your procedure.  It allows you to free up your cash, credit lines, savings accounts, or retirement funds, which could save you from substantial interest costs or penalties.  Cosmeticredit protects your financial flexibility with the MedMoney credit card.  Live Well. Pay Well. MedMoney.

  • Convenient minimum monthly payments: These are usually much lower than an installment loan. Your minimum payment decreases with every payment you make, unless you add more procedures, which you may do. Call our office for details.
  • Quick and simple application process: There is no need for proof of income, job verification, providing tax returns, and other inconveniences and documents normally associated with seeking credit. You may be required to submit additional information for higher credit limits.
  • Quick credit decisions
  • Accepted by physicians everywhere: The MedMoney program is available in all 50  states.
  • Physician pre-payment: many physicians require prepayment of your medical procedure–Cosmeticredit can pay the doctor up to 30-days prior to your procedure.
  • No evasive verification processes: This option keeps your procedure private–away from your employer and co-workers.
  • Credit line for your procedures: This may be used and reused for multiple procedures (you may have to submit additional information for higher credit limits).
  • No multiple page installment loan documents to sign or term-loan loan documents to contend with.
  • No down payment required on procedures using MedMoney.
  • Longer Terms: MedMoney credit card accounts offer you longer terms than most other financial institutions.
  • Preserve your current credit: Keep your other lines of credit intact in case of financial emergency.  The MedMoney credit card has no prepayment penalty and allows you to make more than the minimum payments as your cashflow allows.
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  • Download a Printable Application Here or Apply Online.

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Dr. Elist’s patients can get a loan for up to $35,000

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We Accept Major Credit Cards:

Penile Enlargement Cost: We Accept Major Credit Cards.

Available Financing Plans:

Penile Enlargement Cost & Financing Options: Care Credit

Penile Enlargement Cost & Financing Options: Cosmeti Credit

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