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Is Hand Size And Penis Size Related?

Is Hand Size And Penis Size Related?

The legends, myths, and tales told about your body have led us to believe that the extremities correct with one’s penis size. One of the most common myths out there is that our hand size is directly correlated to our penis size.

As a boy’s body grows throughout childhood and into puberty so does the penis. From newborn to a kindergartener, the penis will continue to grow slowly and steadily. Once puberty hits, the biggest growth happens, resulting in a rapid change.

Hand or Fingers?

Researchers from all around the world have tried to prove or debunk this myth. What has been found is surprising. There is one particular part of the hand that is the key: the ring finger. What was found through numerous studies is that if a man’s ring finger is longer than the index finger, their penis was longer than average? The “longer” penises are not drastically bigger, but no more than a couple centimeters difference. This finger ratio is not accepted throughout the world as a good indicator of penis length.

The Androgen Hormone

The androgen hormone is paramount in determining length of certain bones. If there is ample androgen in the womb it will help with certain bone development. During the masculation programming window of development, this hormone develops. This hormone has a specific sensitivity to both finger and penile bones. This concludes the significant relationship between the development of both body parts.

Penis Size Concern 

It is very common for males of all ages to be concerned with their penis size. More funding is going into reproductive development because of the of the need and wants to create positive sexual esteem and function. Dr. Elist is a leading male sexual expert who has pioneered the silicon-based penile implant. The Penuma penile enlargement surgery uses the only cleared silicone implant designed for penile enlargement. The implant has been successfully used in thousands of patients with high rates of satisfaction

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