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Buried Penis Syndrome | Hidden or Concealed Penis | Causes & Treatment

Buried penis syndrome describes a penis, normal in size, but lacking an appropriate sheath of skin. It is a true congenital disorder in which the “buried penis” is located beneath the integument of the abdomen, thigh, or scrotum. The penis may also be buried within its own skin.

This condition is more common in children, usually presenting in neonates or obese prepubertal boys; however, it can also be seen in adults and has been observed in both circumcised and uncircumcised individuals. This condition is rare, but the instances of concealed penis are expected to rise as the epidemic of obesity becomes more prevalent in our society.

Buried Penis Causes:

Primary Buried Penis Syndrome:

When Concealed Penis Syndrome presents itself at birth, or at a very young age.

  • Present from a young age
  • A result of penile tissue dysgenesis, which results in trapping of the penis


Secondary Buried Penis Syndrome:

Pubertal and adolescent cases are caused by obesity, radical circumcision, or lymphedema.

  • Present from puberty/adolescence
  • Caused by obesity, radical circumcision, or lymphedema


Buried Penis Treatment

Most cases of buried penis do not require any sort of treatment. It usually improves spontaneously over time, if not most cases of hidden penis syndrome are treated surgically. The appropriate treatment of concealed penis syndrome is determined during a pre-surgical consultation with your Urologist. Upon physical examination and medical history review, your physician will discuss all possible treatment options, the expected results, and the associated risks and complication. Regardless of etiology, hidden penis syndrome mostly requires of surgical treatment.

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