Diet & Bladder Cancer, Fight Bladder Cancer…
Bladder Cancer and Diet
Diet & Bladder Cancer, Fight Bladder Cancer…

Bladder Cancer Fight, Eat Your Greens

Did you belong to those kids who hated eating fruits and vegetables? All green was tasteless, and all sweets and fried foods were what you loved? Well, you were not alone. As we grow, our taste changes, so does our awareness and consciousness for healthy living. Fruits and vegetable, specially colorful ones, have long shown to contain many healthy and “cancer fighting” ingredients including those who are helpful for fighting bladder cancer.
According to the American Cancer Society, bladder cancer has a yearly prevalence of about 63,000, with a mortality rate of 13,000 per year. Bladder cancer is often highly treatable when found early. Symptoms can include painless blood in the urine. Frequency and painful urination may also be present. The exact cause is unknown, but several risk factors have been found.

Broccoli and Bladder Cancer

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