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Dr. Elist (James J. Elist, M.D.,F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.), has been in private practice in Beverly Hills, California since 1982 specializing in Urology. Dr Elist ‘s major interests (sub specialties) include impotency, male sexual dysfunction, infertility and Male Enhancement Procedures(Penile Enlargement and Testicular Enlargement).



Hydronephrosis image

Hydronephrosis and Hydroureter

Published: July 29, 2015

Hydronephrosis and Hydroureter A condition where obstruction of the urine outflow distal to renal pelvis results in distension of renal pelvis and calyces with urine is called as hydronephrosis. Similarly, when the obstruction is beyond the ureters, there is swelling of the ureters with urine, a condition known as hydroureter in medical parlance. Both these … Continue reading Hydronephrosis and Hydroureter

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Cholesterol Management Image

Cholesterol Management

Published: July 28, 2015

Cholesterol Management Cholesterol can be defined as the fatty, wax-like substance which is imperative for the normal functioning of our body. However, an excess of cholesterol can start forming depositions on the walls of the arteries leading to cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Cholesterol is carried in our blood by proteins. When it combines with the … Continue reading Cholesterol Management

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Image

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Published: July 27, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome As its name suggests, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome characterized by extreme fatigue. The syndrome makes you feel so tired that it affects your quality of life. The cause of the syndrome is still unknown, though it may worsen with physical or mental activity. Some even link the syndrome to mental stress and viral … Continue reading Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Lasers in Urology Image

Lasers in Urology

Published: July 24, 2015

Lasers in Urology The extensive usage of small diameter endoscopic instruments and the recent improvements in fiber-optics and lasers has proved to be a perfect amalgamation in the field of urology. It has opened up new avenues for diagnosing various ailments afflicting the excretory system and exciting probabilities for treating them with minimal side-effects. Let … Continue reading Lasers in Urology

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Neurogenic Bladder Image

What is Neurogenic Bladder?

Published: July 23, 2015

What is Neurogenic Bladder? The activities and functions of human urinary system are very tightly regulated by the close-knit circuitry of central nervous system. For example, as soon as the urine accumulates in the bladder, a message or reflex is initiated from the walls of the urinary bladder that travels to the brain in order … Continue reading What is Neurogenic Bladder?

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Missed Period Image

Missed Period

Published: July 22, 2015

Missed Period Typically a missed period is associated with pregnancy. However, there are many other causes of missed or irregular periods. An average woman has 11 or 13 regular periods each year. You may have less or more, depending on your hormonal levels. Menstrual periods are irregular in the initial years once a girl starts … Continue reading Missed Period

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Celiac Disease Image

Celiac Disease

Published: July 21, 2015

Celiac Disease Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune disorder that damages the finger-like villi of small intestine due to the ingestion of protein, known as gluten found in rye, barley, and wheat. When genetically predisposed people eat foods containing gluten, there is a reaction from the immune system that forms antibodies to gluten. As a … Continue reading Celiac Disease

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Childhood ADHD

Published: July 20, 2015

Childhood ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects millions of children across the globe. The complex mental disorder affects a child’s learning ability. Many children with ADHD experience problems in understanding why they feel out of control or lonely sometimes. Kids with childhood ADHD may show symptoms of hyperactivity, inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and overactivity, which may … Continue reading Childhood ADHD

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Protein in Urine Image

Protein in Urine

Published: July 17, 2015

Protein in Urine Presence of protein in urine is a condition which is known as proteinuria in medical parlance. It is sometimes also referred to as albuminuria or micro albuminuria. Let us discuss the significance of this condition. It is the job of our kidneys to filter our blood. While the toxins present in it … Continue reading Protein in Urine

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Epididymo-Orchitis Empiric Therapy Image

Epididymo-Orchitis Empiric Therapy

Published: July 16, 2015

Epididymo-Orchitis Empiric Therapy Epididymo-orchitis is a condition that is characterized by inflammation of testis or/and epididymis. In vast majority of cases, Epididymo-orchitis is a result of sexually transmitted infections or ascending urinary tract infections. Although, the condition is fairly discomforting; yet the risk of complications is generally low, especially if the treatment is sought early. … Continue reading Epididymo-Orchitis Empiric Therapy

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