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Dr. Elist (James J. Elist, M.D.,F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.), has been in private practice in Beverly Hills, California since 1982 specializing in Urology. Dr Elist ‘s major interests (sub specialties) include impotency, male sexual dysfunction, infertility and Male Enhancement Procedures(Penile Enlargement and Testicular Enlargement).



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Penile Enlargement Before and After Interview with Emanuel

Published: April 17, 2014

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Vagina | Vaginal Laxity

Published: April 16, 2014

Vagina | Vaginal Laxity According to statistics reported in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (1), the current prevalence of vaginal laxity is 5.2%. Berman (2) suggested that about 76% females are at risk of developing vaginal laxity at some point of their life. Vaginal skin is comprised largely of collagen tissue that has the ability … Continue reading Vagina | Vaginal Laxity

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Hematuria, All You Need To Know About

Published: April 15, 2014

Hematuria, All You Need To Know About  Hematuria is the condition when blood is found in the urine. Even if the blood is not easily detected, a test can find traces of it. The blood can come from multiple sources in the urinary tract including the kidneys, bladder, urethra or the ureters.   Causes of Hematuria The causes … Continue reading Hematuria, All You Need To Know About

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Alzheimer | Alzheimer's Test

Published: April 14, 2014

Alzheimer | Alzheimer’s Test Each year, approximately 500,000 people die due to alzheimer’s disease. Over five million Americans are currently living with the disease. Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. The statistics are startling and unsettling; “Men’s Health“. However, recent research provides an encouraging … Continue reading Alzheimer | Alzheimer's Test

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Shy Bladder Syndrome

Published: April 11, 2014

Shy Bladder Syndrome It is common to hear about individuals who experience an overactive bladder. We see commercials and even personally know of people who suffer from shy bladder syndrome and frequently wake up in the middle of night, pull the car over during road trips and step out during long movies in order to rush to the … Continue reading Shy Bladder Syndrome

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Penis Enlargement Healing | Brad's Experience 3 Days After Surgery

Published: April 10, 2014

Penis Enlargement Healing | Brad’s Experience 3 Days After Surgery 3 days after his penis enlargement and testicular enlargement surgery, Brad talks about his penis enlargement healing process and says that he is getting better everyday and he has been impressed with the operation. He believes that he has been very professionally and well cared … Continue reading Penis Enlargement Healing | Brad's Experience 3 Days After Surgery

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Bladder Prolapsed, All You Need To Know About

Published: April 9, 2014

Bladder Prolapsed, All You Need To Know About  A bladder prolapsed is the condition where the muscles of the vagina’s front wall that normally supports the bladder, collapse and the bladder crosses into the vagina. If the bladder prolapsed , the following problems often occur:  Difficulties urinating. Discomforts. Urinary leakage.

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Erectile | Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

Published: April 8, 2014

Erectile | Erectile Dysfunction Remedies Erectile dysfunction refers to an inability to achieve or maintain adequate erection throughout the course of intercourse. The prevalence of erectile dysfunction varies with age. According to the statistics (2) reported by National Institute of Health, the prevalence is as high as 15 to 25% in elderly males (above 65 years) and … Continue reading Erectile | Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

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Is the E-Cigarette Really A Better Replacement Or Not?

Published: April 7, 2014

Is the E-Cigarette Really A Better Replacement Or Not? You’ve seen them all over town. People who have their fingers around an e-cigarette, instead of puffing on a conventional cigarette. But Is the E-Cigarette Really A Better Option? Public health experts continue to debate whether e-cigarettes are a better option than smoking tobacco, or just an … Continue reading Is the E-Cigarette Really A Better Replacement Or Not?

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Penile | What Are Penile Bumps (Growth)? Image

Penile Bumps | What Are Penile Bumps? (Penile Growth)

Published: April 4, 2014

Penile Bumps | What Are Penile Bumps (Growth)? Skin changes (such as appearance of rash, lumps or penile bumps) at or around the penis is always a signs of concern for males and their partners. In some cases it can also be an indication of sexually transmitted infection; however, for most part, the penile bumps … Continue reading Penile Bumps | What Are Penile Bumps? (Penile Growth)

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