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Alcohol and Sex Drive

Alcohol and Sex Drive

Alcohol has damaging effects on the body. Alcohol consumption in the forms of either abusive or binge drinking can compromise your sex drive. Not only does alcohol impede testosterone production, but also depresses the nervous system. There are many negative effects, and we recommend safe drinking. Yet, there are people who won’t and want to know what effects come out of mixing alcohol and sex drive.

Testosterone Function

Without testosterone, men’s libidos and the ability for arousal are in jeopardy. Studies have shown that alcohol degrades male masturbatory effectiveness (MME). By measuring blood alcohol concentration and ejaculation latency, it has been proven that sexual arousal is negatively affected by alcohol. Alcohol consumption also reduces NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) in the testicles. NAD carries reactionary electrons from one cell to another, and without it, the synthesis and production of testosterone is weakened.

Depressed Nervous System

Why alcohol makes us feel so poorly is because of its dehydration quality.  Dehydration is a major cause for hangovers. A study conducted by The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that the less liquid in the body, the more depressed nervous system is, which then leads to negative sexual performance. Dehydration can decrease your blood volume whilst increasing angiotensin, a hormone which affects erectile dysfunction.

Bettering Your Sexual Health

Alcohol can decrease your sexual arousal, the ability of orgasm, and penile function. Besides cutting back on your consumption, there are ways to improve your sexual stamina, health, and penis function. If you are interested in having a medical professional help you enhance your sex life, Dr. Elist is a physician specializing in male sexual health. Dr. Elist specializes in Clinical Penile Enlargement Surgery and has been practicing for over 15 years.

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