Penis Enlargement
for San Francisco &
San Jose Patients


If you are unsatisfied with the size of your penis, then don’t think you are alone. There are so many men around the world who complain of low confidence because of their small penis size. It can be an embarrassing condition and can cause men to refrain from seeking sexual pleasure.

The reason behind this is usually not known, but it certainly does not mean that you give up on the life you wish to lead.

With the emergence of experts like Dr. James Elist M.D, men have found a way to overcome their penile woes. He’s counted amongst one of the most accomplished urologists and male sexual experts in the nation.

Dr. James Elist practices privately in Los Angeles, but patients from all over the country can visit him for a consultation. His clinic is located conveniently in Beverly Hills, making it convenient for patients from San Francisco and San Jose to reach him by road.

If you require a penile cosmetic enhancement or treatment for erectile dysfunction, impotence, and other physical conditions related to the penis, then Dr. James Elist is just a call away. He is a trustworthy expert you should approach for transforming your sexual health.


The Penuma® Implant is the innovation of top scientists and urologists and has already built a successful track record with thousands of patients. This penile implant is made of medically-certified silicone that are slipped under the skin of the penis through a small incision.

A large number of men have used the Penuma® Implant and have seen an improvement in their penile health. Here’s why they trust it so much:

Enhanced visibility of the penis by increasing girth and the appearance of length.
Natural-looking appearance and feel.
Results that can last a lifetime.
Effects can be reversed if the patient desires.
Customizable implant design to suit the physiology of varied men.
State-of-the-art implant designing technique for increased precision.

Some of you may be fearful of the whole procedure, but it’s fairly simple. Dr. James Elist is well-versed with advanced penis enlargement surgery techniques and performs the procedure with utmost care.

Different men experience different results, but the surgical procedure has proven effective in treating countless penile conditions.

On contacting Dr. James Elist’s clinic, you will be attended by a team of well-trained staff. If you are coming to Los Angeles from San Francisco or San Jose, they will make sure that your stay here is comfortable.

In case you are unable to come down, you can contact Dr. James Elist on Skype or other video communication platforms. To book a consultation session with Dr. James Elist, call +1 (310) 652-2600 or fill out this contact form.