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Performing a penile procedure is no small task. There are a number of variables involved that can impact the final look. As one of the pioneers and foremost authorities in the field of penile treatments, Dr. Elist knows a thing or two about penile enhancement procedures. He has been tirelessly working in this field, helping the lives of many men who had given up hopes of having the perfect penis.

To leave no room for doubts, he uses the best in class penile implant known as the Penuma® Implant. The implant is available in multiple sizes and is further customized by Dr. James Elist to ensure a safe, optimal fit for each patient.

Penuma® Implants have transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of men, helping them regain their confidence back.

Dr. Elist has earned several accolades. His expertise coupled with high success rate is the reason why his clinic in Beverly Hills receives patients from as far as Houston, which is located 1,000-plus miles from Beverly Hills. If you do not want to come to our clinic or have too much on your hands to take out time from your schedule, you can consult Dr. Elist via Skype or other such platforms.

Penile Enlargement Process

Penile Enlargement Overview

Benefits of Penuma® Implants

High success rate

Penuma® Implants are a notch above their contemporaries. These implants are not only safe to use but also have a high success rate. On average, men using these implants report a 1-2 inch increase on average in their penis size. More often than not, adverse events are a result of patient non-compliance with post-operative instructions. Dr. Elist is committed to helping patients get the most out of their procedure and provides guidelines to care for the implants.

Natural look

Penuma® Implants are made of soft, medical-grade silicone. The implant is designed to give a natural look and feel.


Penuma® Implants can be customized according to the patient’s individual girth and size.

Getting a bigger, girthier penis is easier than you think

Is your penis’ small size a cause of concern? Let Dr. Elist help. Equipped with years of experience, Dr. Elist will leave no stone unturned to ensure your penis is a matter of pride and not an embarrassment for you. To book an appointment, call +1 (310) 652-2600 or fill out our contact form.

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