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Testicle Implants

Testicular Prosthesis or Testicle Implants

Insertion of Testicular Prosthesis or Testicle Implants

After a unilateral or bilateral testicular removal and for cosmetic reasons, Dr. Elist places testicle implants (artificial testis) in the scrotum of a patient. The aesthetic results are positively affecting the psychological well being and self confidence of men who have had a testicular removal for different reasons (e.g., undescended testis, testicular cancer, etc.) and nee testicle implants to replace them.

Furthermore, Dr. Elist offers a unilateral or bilateral testicle implants placement for testicular and scrotal enhancement. The ELIST Testicle Implants(You can find the USPTO patent page regarding testicle implants) consist of a medical degree soft silicone material, and are designed to enhance the size of an existing testicle.

The ELIST testicle implants (Testicular Prosthesis) serves to enhance the testicular size or to adjust the size of one testicle to the opposite site. Typical patients for the ELIST Testicle Implants are men, who desire an overall aesthetic enhancement of their scrotum, who suffer from asymmetrical testicular size, or have undergone an orchiectomy with prosthesis placement and asymmetrical results. (Testicular Enhancement)


Testicle Implants Insertion Procedure Description:

Testicle Implants Insertion is done on an outpatient basis and under anesthesia, Dr. Elist makes a small in the lower part (facing the ground) of the scrotum. After surgical preparation and exposure of the internal aspect of the scrotal sack, the placement of testicular prosthesis or ELIST Testicle Implants is achieved by various suturing techniques. Following the placement of the right prosthesis or testicle implants, the scrotal skin is closed in two layers. Due to the scrotal skin elasticity, the incision areas are later hidden in the skin folds and not noticeable.


The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and takes less than an hour and is generally very well tolerated by our patients.

Benefits of Dr. Elist’s Testicular Enhancement Surgery

US Patented by Dr. James Elist
The implant is 510(K) cleared. What other technique have you found with such confirmation?
100% Permanent. The implant is made of a silicon gel that can be with you forever unless you want an upgrade to a bigger size.
Teaming up of a world famous urologist and his assistant as a plastic surgeon is such a relief for you that everything is well taken care of.


Key Facts:

  • Hospitalization: Outpatient basis
  • Anesthesia: General or sedation anesthesia
  • Length of procedure: 45 – 60 minutes
  • Length of stay: Home/hotel the same day, in office follow up the next day
  • Discomfort: Varies; mild to moderate; controlled with prescription pain medications
  • Anticipate: Swelling for the first 2 weeks; possible bruising,  possible pain
  • Final results: Immediate increase in testicular size after surgery
  • Duration of results: Permanent
  • Side Effects and Complications: The ELIST Testicular Enlargement Surgery is in general not associated with any serious side effects. Possible Side Effects and Complications may include:
    • Inflammation and Swelling
    • Bruising
    • Infection (a very uncommon side effect)
Testicle Enlargement Before After Photo

Testicular Enlargement Before After Photo
Testicle Enlargement Before After Photo

Testicular Enlargement Before After Photo
testicle implants

Testicular Enhancement Before After Photo
testicle implants

Testicular Enhancement Before After Photo

testicle implants

Testicular Enhancement Before After Photo 

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