Hematospermia Definition, Causes and Treatments

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Hematospermia Definition, Causes and Treatments Bloody ejaculation may send alarming signals to a man and his partner. Such a condition that involves blood-tinged penile ejaculation [...]

Demystifying Male Hypogonadism

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Demystifying Male Hypogonadism Male hypogonadism is a condition in which the testicles (Testosterone Replacement Options | Testosterone Deficiency) have impaired ability to produce enough testosterone, [...]

Sperm Mobility | Fertility | Pregnancy

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Sperm Movement | Pregnancy Sperm mobility, is one of many key factors that contribute to pregnancy (Fertility and Foods: The Five Foods That Help Extend [...]

Lubricant and Sperm Quality

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Lubricant and Sperm Quality Couples often use lubricants to combat vaginal dryness during intercourse. Men also use lubricant while masturbating for semen collection at fertility clinics. And healthcare [...]

Y Chromosome | Male Infertility | Male Reproduction

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Y Chromosome | Male Infertility | Male Reproduction The Y chromosome has long been considered a genetic marker for the male sex. But there might [...]

Painful Ejaculation Treatment – Part 2

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How to Treat Painful Ejaculation In a previous post we discussed a condition called painful ejaculation. Some men might experience pain when having an orgasm [...]

Painful Ejaculation

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Painful Ejaculation Ejaculation, or release of semen, is usually associated with orgasm during sexual activity with a "feel good" sensation that is described by men [...]

Eat Nuts and Go Nuts….

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Eat Nuts and Go Nuts.... Who does not go nuts for nuts?! They are very beneficial for our overall health. They contain the essential fatty [...]

Birth Control Methods and Their Effectiveness

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Birth Control Methods, How Effective They Are? The recent advancements of medicine have provided us with many new birth control methods or methods of contraception. When [...]

Healthy Sperm: Improved Male Fertility

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Healthy Sperm: Improved Male Fertility Sperm quality and Healthy Sperm is one of the most important factors for conception; no healthy sperm in ejaculate, defective sperms [...]