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Penile Reconstruction Surgery

Penile Reconstruction Surgery

Penile reconstruction surgery(s) is performed mainly as a radical treatment for conditions associated with congenital abnormalities of the urethra or penis and other conditions such as penile trauma, penile cancer, short penis, corporal fibrosis, in cases of gender reassignment and also in patients having undergone penile enlargement operations by other physicians resulting in cosmetic and functional deformities.

Each condition warrants its individual assessment and treatment plan which will be made upon a personal consultation with Dr. Elist.

Dr. Elist, a board certified urologist and urological surgeon, is specialized in male sexual health and genital surgeries.

Penile Reconstruction Surgery Categories that are performed by Dr. Elist include:

– Repair of Hypospadias / Epispadias

– Repair of Incomplete Circumcision

Repair of Peyronie’s Disease

– Closure of Penile / Scrotal Skin Defects

– Debridement and Wound Closure

– Repair of Venous Leakage

– Removal of Injected Fat, Silicone, or AlloDerm

– Removal of Scar Tissue

and many more penile reconstruction surgery categories.

If you are suffering from a congenital or acquired penile deformity, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Elist for a consultation, evaluation, and proper treatment.

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Benefits of Dr. Elist’s Penile Enhancement

US Patented by Dr. James Elist in 2010
The implant is 510(K) Cleared. What other technique have you found with such validation?
100% Permanent. The implant is made of a silicon gel that can be with you forever unless you want an upgrade to a bigger size.
Teaming up of a world famous urologist and his assistant as a plastic surgeon is such a relief for you that everything is well taken care of.
Penile Reconstruction Surgery Photos Penile Reconstruction Surgery Before After Photo
Penile Reconstruction SurgeryPenile Reconstruction Surgery  Before After Photo

Penile Reconstruction SurgeryPenile Reconstruction Surgery Before After Photo 


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