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Talk to a Patient

Penile Enlargement Patient Liaison Program

Talk to Drew about his success with the Elist silicone penile implant.*

Who is Drew?

Drew is a patient who had the penile enhancement procedures in 2013 and is available to speak anytime between 10 am and 6 pm PST. If Drew is unavailable when you call, he will try to call you back within 24 hours.


Drew can offer open and candid perspectives about what led him to seek penile enhancement, his research to find a solution, and his experience with the Elist implant.


Drew is a volunteer; he is unbiased and is not being paid by Dr. Elist.

Drew Reviews and Answers Common Questions About Dr Elist Implant

Terms and Conditions:

By choosing to speak with Drew, a former patient of Dr. Elist’s and a recipient of the Elist implant, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • Drew can only discuss his personal experience with the Elist implant. Please direct any questions about your candidacy for the Elist implant to Dr. Elist’s staff
  • All information discussed will remain strictly confidential
  • Drew will not answer any medical questions as Drew is not qualified to address medical questions or concerns. Please direct any medical questions or questions regarding your individual circumstances to Dr. Elist’s medical staff.


How to Contact Drew?

Please call 310-652-2600. A patient consultant will introduce you to Drew.
 *Any opinion or information provided by Drew are solely his own and not those of Dr. Elist and/or his affiliates or affiliated entities. Dr. Elist and/or his affiliates or affiliated entities do not accept responsibility for the views of Drew or any information he provides. Any representations made by Drew shall not be construed as being made by Dr. Elist and/or his affiliates or affiliates entities.